We've been producing original shows under the Variegated Productions banner for a few years. Here's some of them. Inquiries about bookings >> hello(at)

Image by Stacy Gougoulis

Image by Stacy Gougoulis

The Man and The Moon (2016-present)

Recording soundtrack in the studio right now!

RETURN SEASON 6-9 JUNE 2018 with Subiaco Theatre Festival

Lunacy or total eclipse of the heart? Either way it’s a hell of a love story.

When a Man realizes he’s living a life stuck in outer-middle suburbia, sometimes the best response is to head out and see where the evening tides take you.

From Variegated Productions comes a theatrical solo cabaret show starring St John Cowcher. Smoky jazz, lamenting lyrics, evocative storytelling and a Man falling in love with the wrong celestial body.

Ramshackle & Kitsch (2014-present)


Ramshackle is an old school detective. Kitsch is new on the team – a wide-eyed hipster who is as equally excited about the job as being distracted by puppies wearing shiny collars.

The lovechild of Starsky & Hutch and The Mighty Boosh, Ramshackle & Kitsch is a manic comedy based on audience suggestions and the finest of buddy cop traditions.

Image by Shane Adamczak

Image by Shane Adamczak

Image by Jamie Breen @Very Serious

Image by Jamie Breen @Very Serious

These Guys (2014)

Which men have genuinely influenced your life?
Your dad? That random Spanish backpacker? Bon Jovi? Every woman has five men that shape their lives- family members, lovers, chance encounters and celebrity crushes.

Meet one impetuous woman and five of the men that have shaped her... and how she shaped them.

No two nights are the same as you pick the five men that will alter life’s course for our feisty heroine. Perhaps it is the missing puzzle pieces that define us....

A very human and funny show from Variegated Productions.

Created by Libby Klysz, St John Cowcher, Michelle Nussey and Ben Russell